The LiquidMindSet

LiquidMinSetProject (LMSP) and LiquidMindSetSystem (LMSS) are IBISCUS trade mark and development. The LiquidMindSetSystem (LMSS) is the didactic part of the vaster LiquidMinSetProject (LMSP) which is working in progress and the result of more than 30 years of work, teaching and research around the world. LMSS is under constant development by a team under the scrutiny of a scientific panel. The difference from any other coaching or leadership scheme is in the: 360° systemic method, that makes LMSS a powerful adapting and flexible tool. Unlike any other systems it has not being developed to become an item to sell, or a brand to push. It is instead the result of the coming together of different scientist, researchers, professors, leaders, for the sake of understanding the universal process that regulates our functions, brain and life. Is an holistic method that has its roots in ancient history and take in the account the multidimensional reality (10 dimensions) and the latest scientific development.

In Dubai 2020 at the world exhibition we will present the charity foundation that will certify the first international class under (LMSS). We can and we will change the world with your help.